Lose Weight By Sticking Your Hand In The Cookie Jar

Today, I had a midday break between clients so I turned on the TV for background noise while I replied to e-mails. Dr. Oz was on, which I normally tune out. However, today his guest was a renowned nutritionist who replied to an audience question with a genius idea.

The audience member was stating that she eats emotionally. She has kids, she's always tired, and at the end of the day when the kids are in bed, she mindlessly snacks from the cookie jar. She wanted to know if there were any tips to curb this habit.

"Set up barriers", replied the nutritionist. Distract your brain. Make the junk food hard to get to. Then she had her genius idea..

Keep a cookie jar right on the counter. However, instead of cookies, have small pieces of paper inside it. On those little pieces of paper are compliments and encouraging words that you, a friend or family member have written about you.  This way, you reach into the cookie jar and you feel good afterward without the guilt of eating junk.

Thought this was a cool idea that some of you might want to try!

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