So You Wanna Lose Weight? Week 1: Let's Get Started

First, don't try to do a million things at once. You'll just set yourself up for failure.  Instead, why don't you focus on a few things in your life that you know are hindering your goals?  Here's a short list of where to start.

Let me preface this with something first.  There are no "mind-hacks" or special tricks to get yourself healthy.  You want the results?  Suck it up and do what it takes to get there.  Put in the effort and you will reap the rewards.  If you half-ass it, your results will reflect that.

Follow these simple guidelines for your first week:

  • Don't construct your own diet and exercise plan.  Consult a professional or ask help from someone who has successfully seen results.  A fad diet is never the way to go.  Get your information from trusted resources for long term benefit.

  • Cut out sodas.  All soda. Including diet soda.  While you're at it, cut out sugary fruit drinks as well.  Don't like the taste?  Try 5 calorie sweeteners. They're cheap and can get you the sweet taste you crave.

  • Doing cardio is important, but not as important as strength training for weight loss.  For optimal results, do interval cardio training.  Walk/sprint/walk/sprint.

  • Weight loss starts in the kitchen!  If you get active but still eat like crap, you will only see limited results-- or possibly none.  Don't screw it up because you can't control your cravings.  Suck it up and eat right most of the time. Give yourself some time to enjoy the sweets once a week so you don't drive yourself crazy.

  • Are you extremely overweight?  Running or impact cardio might place uncomfortable pressure and pain on the joints.  Instead, try swimming, the elliptical, or a stationary bike.  Doesn't matter-- find something that you can do without join pain!
Stay tuned for next week's homework.  Follow my advice and you're on your way to the body you've always wanted!

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