When Should I Stretch? Before Or After My Workout?

Is stretching important?...

Intuitively, we can all agree that stretching is a good thing to do. However, one of the most common questions I receive is "When should I stretch?".

Stretching is not only important for range of motion, but also helps blood flow and flexibility. According to the Mayo Clinic, stretching also helps to relieve stress.

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For most, stretching before exercise has been standard-- however, implementing a stretching routine after your workout can be beneficial for injury prevention and soreness associated with resistance training.

Should I stretch before my workout?...

Stretching before your workout can be dangerous for you, believe it or not. Stretching muscles that are not warmed up can lead to strains or pulls.

A light stretch of your bigger muscle groups after a warmup can be considered okay, but keep in mind that it will significantly lower your heart rate. This is important to consider if your main goal is calorie burning and/or weight loss.

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  1. I stretch when I wake up in the morning.