Can You Lose Weight With A Nintendo Wii? Is Wii Fit Really Effective?

The Nintendo Wii revolutionized casual gameplay with its motion controllers a few years ago.  Since then, Playstation and XBox have gotten into the motion sensor niche due to the overwhelming popularity.  There is no doubt that the Wii started the movement, but does one of its popular games, Wii Fit, actually help you lose weight and stay in great shape?

This question was proposed to me a few days ago by a client.  I have personally used the motion sensor technology from both the Wii and Xbox's Kinect.

So, what's my final verdict?

The Wii Fit is great for getting you up and moving.  Like the old saying goes, any movement is better than no movement at all.  I think this is a great game for someone looking to get up out of a sedentary lifestyle or someone who hasn't worked out in a long time.  It might be great for getting a few pounds off, but I don't see it being a long term weight loss solution.

The Wii Fit seems very gimmicky and as your fitness level progresses, the game difficulty will eventually level out, meaning that it will become easier and your body will hit a plateau.  Once your body gets used to working out at a certain level, it's no longer a very effective fat burning program.

If you must workout in front of your television, I'd recommend investing in P90X or Insanity workout programs.  These are challenging and will have you sweating buckets in minutes!  However, if you must workout with a gaming system, here are my alternative recommendations:

EA Active has gotten great reviews for being really precise and in-depth.  It offers several layers that the Wii Fit just doesn't touch on.  For a more isolated, challenging workout, check out EA Active.

The XBox Kinect offers several games.  If you really want to break a sweat, grab "Dance Central" and switch the settings to medium or hard level.  You'll burn tons of calories and have fun at the same time trying to dance the routine.

I'm always a proponent of old fashioned workouts, but if you get bored easily, console gaming workouts might be just up your alley!


  1. Exercise without pain results in no gain, at least that's what I have always believed. Dance exercises are awesome, and I love them.

    I suffer from back pain and have tried everything, even a teeter inversion table to take the pressure off of my back.

    Best results? Strengthen my back muscles through exercise.

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