Are You Dieting But Not Losing Weight?

Are you one of the millions of people trying to get healthier, but just can't seem to find that edge?  Does dieting seem to be more trouble than it's worth?  If you're one of the millions that can't seem to lose weight while on a diet, then listen up!

Our bodies adapt to workouts and food fasts rather quickly.  Here's four reasons why:

1.  Physiological effects: After a reduction in caloric intake, your metabolic rate decreases, caused from protein loss & hormonal changes among others.

2.  If you continually do the same cardio and exercise, it's no longer a challenge for your body.  Yes, you're able to use the elliptical a lot easier, but if you're doing the same exercise you will burn less calories.

3.  Exercising too intensely too soon forces cells to burn more carbs & not as much fat.

4.  A sudden decrease in food intake triggers starvation mode. Your food cravings can actually increase, especially if you skip meals and go long periods without eating.

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