Do You Need Inspiration To Lose Weight? Grab Your Tissues! We Can All Learn Something From This Man

Today I ran across something that's truly inspiring.  If something like this doesn't at least  push you to consider getting active, then nothing will.  After reading this, my first thought was that of the late Randy Pausch, whose video "The Last Lecture", a speech on how to achieve your childhood dreams before you die, really moved millions of people.  Randy passed away the year following this now infamous lecture.  I recommend you check it out if you have an hour to spare.  It will really help you get your priorities straight.

Here is the post, in its entirety.  I'm not going to narrate it or give a preface.  Just read it.  Truly inspiring.

"Currently I'm in a class about John Milton and ethics. It's been a mind blowing class, especially since the professor is the most amazing person I have ever met. We knew when we started the class that he had stage 4 colon cancer. But I had hope that he would overcome the cancer, despite the low survival rate. Despite that the cancer had spread to his lungs. Despite that sometimes his wife, another professor at school, had to walk him into class and help him sit. Every time he came to class, it was inspiring. It was easily my favorite class, perhaps because even though he was in pain and tired, his passion for John Milton and higher education was exhilarating. Recently he had to stop teaching. Shortly after having to make the decision to stop teaching, he chose to go through hospice.

Yesterday was emotional. I'm not one to cry. But I did. It's boggling that such bad things can happen to such wonderful people. A faculty informed me that he might not make it to Christmas. I cried because I know he and his wife wouldn't want people to cry, they would rather we read and continue our studies. Yesterday I tried to take a nap, but I couldn't stop thinking about their family (they lost a 4-year-old child 17 years ago to a deadly disease and they currently have a 17 year old daughter). I couldn't fall asleep.

Instead I realized, that I have an able body and I need to celebrate life instead of sitting on my ass. I went to the gym and ran a mile (my mile time has gone from 7 minutes to 11 minutes, yikes!) did lunges and guess what... I asked someone to teach me how to do proper squats.  I'm still sad. But, aside from trying hard in my academics, I'm going to try to celebrate life with pushing my body and getting fit again."

Original post located at this location.  Thanks for reading.

Justin Michael Bowers, CPT

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