Ask Justin The Trainer: Indoor Pullup Bars, The Winter Blues, Muscle Recovery & More

Every week here at BeFit Lifestyle, I'm going to dive into the mailbag and answer some questions that I receive via e-mail.  I'm going to make these questions and answers public right here on the blog so that you too can benefit!  Let's dive into this week's Q&A!

Q.  Justin, do those indoor pullup bars work?  I've heard bad things about them and just wanted to get your opinion on them.

Doorway pullup bars work just fine-- if you use them.  Otherwise it's just decor.  You do need a sturdy door frame to hold your weight.  The bar might leave stress marks on your frame, but that's nothing a little touchup paint can't fix.

Q.  Justin, I have been going to the gym every other day but I want to go more.  Is there any way I can keep working out but still give my muscles the recovery time?

Cardio and lots of it!  On the days that you are resting in between weight training days, hit the treadmill or elliptical!  It will still allow you to burn calories while resting your muscles.

Q.  Ever since the cold weather has started, I just don't feel like working out.  Is there any reason that I tend to become less motivated and somewhat lazier in the winter?

There is a connection between lack of vitamin D and your overall mood.  The lack of vitamin D that you generally get from sunlight during the summer can attribute to the lack of motivation to do anything--especially being active.  Seasonal Affective Disorder affects several people and can possibly be staved off by supplementing vitamin D during the cold winter months.

Q.  Elliptical or rowing machine, which gives you a better workout?

A rowing machine, if used right, will give you a better full-body workout.  I've seen several gym-goers using the machine wrong.  If you can, find a friend who's been on a crew team to show you how or ask a personal trainer at your local gym so that you can get a proper workout on it.

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