9 Tips To Avoid Over-Eating This Thanksgiving

When you're trying to watch your weight, Thanksgiving is one of the few days a year that you look forward to and dread at the same time.  All of the choices!  Turkey, mashed potatoes, beans, stuffing, desserts!  It's the one day a year where everyone turns the other cheek as we all over-indulge.

But, what if you want to curb your eating habits this year?

Are you ready?  Here we go! 

Don't worry about it!  It's one day a year!  If you watch your eating habits and caloric intake every other day of the year, one day isn't going to hurt you!  Go ahead and enjoy it!  It can even be good for your metabolism!

Okay, that's my personal opinion on the matter.  But, you didn't come here for my personal opinion, did you?  You clicked on this blog article because you obviously want to know a few tips on how to avoid over-eating.  Either that, or you like me so much that you read all of my articles just because I'm that awesome.  

Alright, here we go, for real this time.  9 tips to help you avoid over-eating if you're THAT worried about it!
  •  Keep a food journal.  You'll be surprised what you can accomplish if you write everything down.
  • Learn to forgive yourself!  Like I mentioned above, one large meal isn't that big of an issue.  Consistency is key.  If you over-eat several days in a row, then that's an issue!
  • If there's too much tasty Thanksgiving goodness for you to enjoy, remember that leftovers taste just as great!
  • Fill up in your first serving.  You're not required to go for second helpings!
  • Stick to portions.  One scoop.  Just because you have a large plate doesn't mean you have to cover every inch of it with food.
  • Drink a few glasses of water before-hand.
  • Exercise beforehand.  You may think this is a crazy idea, but it works.  Suppressing your appetite and boosting your metabolism are just a few of the benefits!
  • Eat your regular meals that day.  Don't starve yourself before the big Thanksgiving feast.
  • Know which foods are the highest in calories and eat those sparingly.
A 3.5 ounce serving of roasted turkey is roughly 115 calories.  Roasted dark meat turkey is around 220 calories.

Apple pie is almost 150 calories.

A half cup of mashed potatoes is 111 calories.

A half cup of stuffing is almost 200 calories.

Enjoy yourself!  Don't get too carried away!  I'll see you in the gym on Monday! 

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