Killer Workout Circuit #1: 40/20 Extreme Interval Workout

You asked for it, you got it!  I've been asked by several readers to post a few sample workouts to give them some ideas on what to do from home!  Well, you asked for it!  This is a very intense workout designed to challenge your muscles and your cardio.

First, if you're not familiar with the 40/20 interval, I'll explain it.  It's really simple.  You do an exercise for 40 seconds straight as fast as you can (without forsaking your posture) then you rest for 20 seconds.  You immediately jump into the next exercise for 40 seconds.  Repeat until the end of the circuit.  Now that we've got that out of the way, here's your circuit challenge for the week!

Exercise 1:  Downward Facing Dogs into Upward Facing Dogs (Or Cobras)- Perform each rep and hold for about 2 seconds.  You should be able to perform several repetitions of each during the 40 second time limit.


Exercise 2:  Wide Grip Pushup


Exercise 3:  High Knee Sprints-  While standing in place, sprint as fast as you can, raising the knees to at least hip level.

Exercise 4:  Burpees-  Be careful with these!  These are very intense and you can easily injure yourself if you don't know what you're doing!


Exercise 5:  Jump Squats-  The same rule applies as to regular squats.  Don't let the knees extend past the toes.  Keep the back straight and chest out.  Jump from your toes, not your heels.

There you have it!  Repeat this circuit 3 to 5 times with a 2-3 minute rest in between each circuit and you should have yourself a nice cardio and muscular burn going on!   I'll have you another workout next week that should prove just as challenging!

I dare you to drop what you're doing and give it a go!  Post your thoughts and comments in the comments section below!

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  1. holy crap i'm sore!! i did this last night when you posted it and i feel it today!!