Why Do My Feet Hurt When I Run; What Should I Do?

I recently received this question from a BeFit reader:


I started jogging for the first time yesterday.  Today, my right foot is killing me.  Why do my feet hurt whenever I try to run?

Firstly, the muscles in your feet can sometimes become tight.  If you don't do much physical activity, this could be the case with you.  When you go from a sedentary lifestyle to slamming your feet against the pavement on a daily or bi-daily basis, this can be a huge transition for your muscles to overcome.

Try putting an ice-pack on your feet after you run.  If the pain doesn't subside after 3 weeks or if it's more of an acute pain, please seek a doctor's advice immediately.  You don't want to make a moderate problem become worse.

If you experience any swelling of the foot or ankle, take it more slowly.  If the swelling persists, you need to visit your physician to see what the issue could be.

The issue could stem from your shoes.  If you're using new shoes, break them in just by walking around in them on your daily routine instead of initially running in them.

Are your shoes the right size?  I was wearing the wrong size shoe for years before a specialty shoe store informed me otherwise.  Your shoe size may need to be bigger or smaller.  You may also need a wider shoe size.  Is your foot flat or arched?  A specialty insole could be of assistance to you.

Have you ever had a gait analysis?  You will be placed on a treadmill while a camera records how your foot impacts the ground. The professionals will use this to determine whether your foot stride is neutral, if you over pronate, under pronate and will assist you with what type of shoe you should purchase.

Remember, muscle pain is normal when you start a new activity that your body isn't used to.  If you feel joint or bone pain, you need to have it evaluated.

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