How To Make Your Straight Razor Last Much Longer

I have been posting a lot of fitness articles as of late, but this is a fitness and lifestyle blog as well.  I am going to be posting more articles about daily life and how to make your quality of lifestyle easier-- one tip at a time.  I recently discovered a tip online that I wanted to share with everyone here.

If you use a straight blade razor, especially the ones with three or more blades, this tip is especially useful for you.  Not only will it allow your straight razor blade to last longer, but it will save you tons of cash!  The next time you notice your blades getting a bit dull, try this trick.

Run your razor blade backwards long-ways against your arm.  Do this with moderate pressure about ten times.  This helps remove excess hair from the razor blades, the oils on your arm help lubricate the blades, and your skin acts as a blade sharpener.

How do I know this?

Back in the "old days", people used leather to sharpen their razor blades.  Your skin acts as the leather.  Remember not to drag the razor against your skin as if you were shaving-- you will lose your arm hair!  Be careful not to pull the razor side-to-side.  You can risk cutting yourself.

Try this trick and post your comments here!  Did it work for you?  I've been using the same Gillette Mach 3 Razor Blade for 10 months using this trick!  It saves me a ton of money on purchasing refill cartridges!

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  1. Wow, this is very interesting! I never knew that running your razor blade backwards long-ways against your arm will make the straight razor last long. I've got to try this.
    Thanks for sharing