Top 10 Fitness Blogs For 2010

One thing that I have learned when it comes to blogging is to not limit myself when it comes to my information resources.  Not only do I use practical and scientific resources, but I love to indulge into the fitness blogs of others.  I have been reading these blogs for years, and now it's my turn to pass the gold onto you.  Listed below are the top 10 fitness blogs of 2010.

10.  Weight Ladder

Weight Ladder is a blog dedicated to those strictly want to lose weight.  I am amazed at the amount of updated content.  It seems that there is a new post almost daily.  It's amazing to be able to pump out one blog post per day, but it's another to constantly pump out quality articles.

9.  Women's Diet And Fitness

A blog dedicated specifically to women's fitness!  Great resource.  There are several great inspirational and motivational articles on this site.  It's very highly recommended.

8.  Eric Cressey 

You want to talk about a rocket?  Eric Cressey is 27 years old and is already considered one of the top, most respected trainers in his field.  He works with elite athletes, mostly baseball players.

7.  Fight Geek 

Alright, here's a blog for you MMA and martial arts junkies out there.  Or shall I call you "fight geeks"?  This website is a different kind of blog, as it's only video blogs.  Great videos on fighting, martial arts, and self defense.

6.  Modern Forager 

Have you ever proclaimed "Cut the crap, just give me the facts."?  Well, this blog is for you. Straight forward nutrition advice.  No BS.  No frills.  Just relevant, great information.

5.  Gym Junkies, Vic Magary 

I recently came across this blog as a recommendation from a reader of mine.  After reading several of his articles, I am a fan.  Vic Magary is a very generous guy, as he often links out to other blogs and resources.  If you want an endless supply of fitness advice, this is your guy!

4.  Steve Maxwell

Steve Maxwell is a man's man.  He's 55 years old with the body of a 21 year old.  Why wouldn't you take his advice?  He focuses mostly on kettlebell and functional training.  His workouts are not for the beginner, so please be advised!

3.  Joe Cannon

Joe is a man that I have talked to on a few occasions personally.  If you want fitness and nutrition advice, this is your guy!  Not only is he a seasoned personal trainer, but he's also an author and nutrition counselor.  Joe is the trainer that OTHER TRAINERS seek for advice!  If you have the experts coming to you for advice, you know your stuff!

2.  Fitness Families

Fitness Families takes the approach of getting the entire family involved in getting healthy!  Articles on fitness, nutrition, and even parenting!

1.  Trying Fitness

Trying Fitness is a blog dedicated to the beginner or intermediate in the fitness world.  It touches on not just fundamental training strategies, but also touches on motivational and inspirational posts, and features interviews with athletes and those who have a success story!

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