Best Running And Hiking Trails In Greenville, SC

When you first start walking or running, a jog around the block or a treadmill might suffice.  After a while, the same scenery starts to feel mundane.  If you're ready for a change of pace, here is a list of some running and hiking trails in Greenville, SC and the Upstate SC area that will be a great start!

  • Jones Gap Trail-- Greenville, SC-  Enjoy the great view of the Saluda River and Jones Gap State Park as you wind your way through the beautiful trail that leads all the way to Caesar's Head State Park.  This trail was built in the 1840s and is a destination for some of the more serious joggers of the Upstate.
  •  Raven Cliff Falls-- Greenville, SC-  With a very scenic overlook and a newly built suspension bridge, Raven Cliff Falls is one of Greenville's number one destinations for the serious hiker.
  •  Table Rock State Park-- Greenville, SC-  A very difficult but immensely rewarding day hike featuring spectacular views from the top of the dramatic cliffs of Table Rock Mountain, as wall as a visit to the summit of Pinnacle Mountain.
  • Fire Tower Trail-- Greenville, SC- Most mountain bikers come to Paris Mountain for the workout. The climb is the major challenge on this wide roadbed, but keep an eye out for ruts, rocks, and debris.
  • Paris Mountain State Park-- Greenville, SC-  A rugged half day's hike on a mountain trail at the edge of South Carolina's largest metropolitan area. Paris Mountain is a monadnock, an immense rock that endured when the mountains around it weathered away. This area has been protected since the 1890s. Due to the steepness of the terrain, much of the park has never been logged.
If you aren't ready for the challenge that these trails present, then it's highly suggested that you start your active lifestyle with a walk around the block, a 30 minute brisk walk on the treadmill, or go on a bike ride.  If you have joint issues, then biking and ellipticals would be the ideal choice-- Less impact on the joints.


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  1. Thanks for the tips, I love hiking with my family. Made the mistake of taking my kids (10+14) to Table Rock a while back, we didn't make it far and had to double back. Went back there with the wife a week later, was totally worth it. Raven Cliff Falls has the best spot for just hanging out and staring at the great view. Perfect for clear late spring days. :)