Do You "Cheat" On Your Diet? Here's How To Stop Cheating And Continue Eating What You Want

"I can't wait until Saturday!", Vicky says as sweat pours down her face.

"Why's that?", I ask. "Before you answer, give me 10 more squats. Go deep."

"Because...", she grunts as she lowers into her first squat, " on my diet."

"Wait, you get to cheat? Why do you cheat?"

"You said I could get one cheat day a week to eat anything I want", she says as she pulls herself up from her final squat."

"I did say that. You're right."

"Well, the girls and I are going out for Mexican food and margaritas for my cheat meal."

That's the conversation I had with a client this morning. I had a small problem with what she was telling me. No, not the fact that she was going to splurge a little bit on a high calorie meal with her friends. To the contrary. I actually TOLD her she could have a cheat meal per week as long as she stuck within her calorie limits the rest of the week.

My problem wasn't with what she said, but the word she used to describe it. Cheat.

Cheat. When you hear that word, what do you think?

If you're like most, you think that it's something you're not supposed to be doing. But in reality, you should treat yourself every now and then. Once a week for a meal is fine.

But I want to make one small suggestion that will really alter the way you look at your "cheat meal"-- but in a good way. From now on, refer to it as a reward meal.

Some may feel a sense of guilt when they're on a diet and give themselves leeway on a certain day. If you look at it as a reward for your accomplishments for the week, it might help you look at your reward meal in whole new light and maybe even give you more motivation during your workouts.

Reward yourself every now and then, but only if you stick to what you said you were going to do to earn it in the first place!

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