Is The Volcano In Iceland Causing Health Risks?

Local experts are advising that Icelanders stay inside, as the volcano that has caused several travel headaches for all of Europe, may cause potential health hazards.  The volcano, which erupted last Wednesday, has sent several air-born particles across northern Europe.  These particles are microscopic pieces of ash.

How are these possibly causing health risks?  David Epstein, spokesperson for the WHO, says that the air born ash particles can potentially be breathed in, causing respiratory and breathing problems.  He advises that local residents stay inside while the ash settles.

British officials aren't worried as much, as they believe that Great Britain is far enough away from the volcanic eruption that the particles will have little or no adverse affect on the air in the region.

The volcano, spelled Eyjafjallajökull, is just being referred to as "The Iceland volcano" as the name is quite difficult to pronounce, especially for those who aren't from the area.

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