How To Keep A Food Journal For Maximum Weight Loss

Essentially, a food journal is a "diary" that you keep that tracks down every calorie that you consume.  If you want to lose weight properly and efficiently, keeping a food journal is essential in your success.  Your daily caloric intake is a lot easier to track if you have it written down.

You can keep a food journal with a small notebook, memo pad, a laptop, or even use your smart phone.  There are several apps available these days via the iPhone and Blackberry devices that will allow you to track your calories.  Some programs will even look up the calorie count of your food items, saving you time and research.  A food journal, or food diary, will only serve you well if you actually use it and stick with it.

You should write down EVERYTHING you consume, including drinks and condiments.  If you drink water, write it down--even if it is zero calories.  At the end of the day, add up your total calories.  You should know exactly how many calories you should be taking in for your body type.  If you don't, the first thing you should do is some research to figure out how many calories you should be consuming, otherwise you won't have any specific goals.

Your main goal in having a food journal is staying within your specified calorie range.  Each daily log entry into your food journal should have the date, then specify each meal; i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner. 

A food journal will hopefully, in the long-run, help you make better food choices.  If you aren't sure whether or not you're making appropriate choices, you can find helpful resources online as well as with your local personal trainer or nutritionist.

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