Top 5 Ways To Do Crunches Without Hurting Your Neck

 Do you want to know how to do a crunch without straining or hurting your neck? 

Whenever you attempt to do an abdominal crunch or sit-up, does your neck always seem to strain?  Does your neck tend to hurt before your abs do?  If so, then I'm going to give you the correct procedure so that you can perform crunches without hurting yourself and straining your neck muscles.

To perform a proper crunch, you must be engaging the abdominal muscles.  You must teach yourself how to properly lift your upper body off of the ground without putting un-needed strain on your neck, so here are a few ways to do a crunch without your neck wearing out before your abs:

1.  Support your head, don't pull on it-  Most people perform a crunch with their hands behind their head.  Although this isn't an incorrect way to do an abdominal crunch (there are several ways, you just have to find the method that works best for you), it's definitely the one that leads to the most neck injuries and pain.  Here's why;  when you lift  your upper body to perform the crunch, you might be using your hands and pulling your head up instead of letting your abs do the work.  Instead of using your hands to pull your head, train yourself to relax your head and let your abs to the work.

2.  Place your hands somewhere else-  If you just can't seem to support your head without pulling on it, then you should try placing your hands crossed over your chest.  Lead to the ceiling with your chin and don't lift with the head, lift with the chest.

3.  Concentrate on the abs-  Place all of your thought onto contracting the abs when you are in the middle of a crunch.  Stare at the ceiling and train yourself to not lead with the neck, which can cause unneeded strain on the neck and even the back.

4.  Get a personal trainer-  If you still aren't able to perform a crunch without pain in the neck, you might need a trainer to stand over you and show you exactly what you need to do to perform the crunch correctly.  You can never go wrong with an expert showing you how to do something!

5.  Use your legs-  So, you've tried every hand position, variation and method and still can't perform a basic crunch without hurting your neck.  It's time to try something new, at least for now.  Try doing reverse crunches.  To do these, lay down on your back with your knees bent.  Slowly raise your knees up to your stomach and squeeze your abs, then lower the feet to the ground.  Repeat as needed.  This takes every bit of pressure off of the neck!

If you vouch for method 5, remember not to give up on the standard crunch.  Just keep coming back to it every few days and practice until you can perform a proper crunch!  Remember, you can walk around all day with your neck supporting your head, so you should be able to do a few ab exercises without your neck ready to give up!

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  3. Great advice, thank you - will try on my next workout :)