5 Tips To Get A Leaner, Flat Stomach

As a personal trainer in Greenville, SC it seems that the one question that I receive the most is "How can I get a flat stomach" or "How can I get a six pack?".

The answer to that isn't as easy as some infomercials or magazines would like you to believe. Getting a flat stomach or a six pack is always going to be a work in progress, and even when you get there, you have to constantly maintain it to keep it lean and trim.

So, where can you get started?

Here are a 5 tips to help you get on your way.
1) When doing ab exercises, mix it up. The more varied and mixed-up your routine is, the more you're bound to do. If you do the exact same crunches every single day, you're probably bored or have fallen into the old trap of same ol', same ol'. Switch it up! Do planks, which are GREAT for the transverse abdominis muscle. It's the ab muscle that is responsible for holding your stomach together, so if you tighten it, it's going to lead to a tighter appearance on your gut.

2) Do more cardio! Doing cardio? DO EVEN MORE! This is the number one way to get a flat stomach in the shortest amount of time. Burning calories from cardio eliminates those calories immediately from the body! Your stomach fat is made up of adipose tissue, or fat. By burning that fat with straight-up cardio workouts, you're going to melt it away.
3) Eat plenty of fiber and drink lots of liquids. Fiber is great for digestion, and also aids in getting some junk out of the large intestine. You know that bulge you get at the bottom of your stomach? It could be attributed to a bunch of junk contributing to the enlarged intenstine. Keep your body hydrated with water or calorie-free liquid and you'll be another step closer.
4) Lift weights and train your entire body! Lifting weights aids in the raising of your metabolic rate, or your metabolism. What does this mean for you? How about, even when you're not working out, you're still burning calories. Sounds pretty good, eh? Train the body with strength training. It's good for you, gives you a better overall appearance, and creates lean muscle.
5) Count your calories and eat half-way decent. Yes, I said eat half-way decent. We're not all perfect and besides, there is good food out there. You can still enjoy this food, just keep track of what you're taking into your body and be aware of how many calories you should be consuming for your body type, weight, age, and height. This can go a long way in overall maintenance of a slim, lean figure.

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