Weight Loss Myths That Will Hinder Your Progress

Whether you're trying to drop a few vanity pounds to fit into that bride's maid dress or you're really gung-ho and trying to drop 50 pounds by next summer, everyone around you always has their opinion.

"Eat this! Not that!"

"Cut this out!"

"Do more of this, that's bad for you!".

Quite frankly, if the person giving you the advice isn't a doctor, fitness professional, or nutritionist... take their advice with a grain of salt. But only one grain, as too much salt can cause water retention. (There was a joke in there.. did you catch it? Huh, huh?!)

But I digress.

Here are several common weight loss myths that people still believe to this day.

1. Bread is bad for you. Bread isn't bad for you. It's a great provider of carbohydrates. Often times, people who cut bread from their diet can lose several pounds. This is more than likely attributed to the tremendous amount of butter cut-back that also comes along with it.
2. Don't worry about counting calories. Who says? Not me! "I may not keep an in-depth of my calories like I used to, but I have a general idea of how many calories I'm taking in daily, give or take a hundred or so", says Mandi Evergreen of Greenville, SC.
3. Don't eat snacks. Actually, you'd better be snacking! When you snack on healthy substitutes, it helps curb your appetite so that you don't over-indulge when you eat your big 3 meals.
4. Don't eat desserts or junk food. Do you think you could go a long time without your favorite indulgence? Didn't think so. Don't deprive yourself of your favorite sweet. In moderation, a little junk food is okay.

5. Cut carbs/protein/fats.... If you deprive your body of any of the nutrients it needs to function, it will eventually catch onto it and start pulling those nutrients from other vital sources, such as your muscles. Eat a well balanced diet-- which includes fats, carbs, and proteins.

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