Boomer Berry Review: Real Or Scam?

As I sit here, I saw an infomercial for a product just now called a "Boomer Berry". It basically claims to be a mix of acai berry and omega 3 oils. It's called a boomer berry because it's supposed to appeal to the boomer generation.

I did not notice the commercial make any ridiculous weight loss claims. Besides mentioning that the product can "help you live healthier", they definitely watched their step. They are smart and know that if they made the crazy weight loss claims, that fitness professionals would be all over them.

The acai berry portion seems to be highlighted by several other ingredients, with the berry being the main focus of the product.

So, it claims to improve heart circulation and prevent heart disease. As far as directly defending against heart disease, I don't think so. BUT, the acai portion does contain potassium, which is a huge player in helping support positive blood flow.

Boomer berry also says it boosts energy levels. Basically, boosted blood flow translates into increased energy-- so these are almost one in the same.

It seems that there is finally an acai berry product out there that isn't making drastic marketing claims. We'll see if time will tell!


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  3. I have only used this product for a little while so I cannot comment on if the product works but I wanted to comment about the company itself. Not only a half bottle into my first bottle of Boomer Berry, I received a package in the mail contained 3 more bottles that I did not order. They were so kind so reorder my even more than my first order weeks after I ordered and charged my credit card for these bottles I did not want. When I called to tell them this and got my return order number to take to the post office, I found out that I had to in fact pay to ship this package that I did not order back to Boomer Berry. So far not too impressed with the company.

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