The Biggest Loser; How Do They Lose All Of That Weight In Just One Week?

One of the most influential and popular reality shows on TV is NBC's Biggest Loser. Several contestants, most of whom have been overweight their entire life, are pit against each other in challenges that challenge them mentally and physically. Each week, everyone weighs in. The two contestants with the least percentage of weight loss will be put up for elimination.

What's equally inspiring and amazing is the fact that these contestants consistently put up high weight loss numbers each week they weigh in. 7 pounds, 10 pounds, even the rare 20 pound drop in one week. That's absolutely incredible! Some of us are trying to ONLY drop 20 pounds, yet these guys do it in one week.

In the real world, we've all heard that it's safe to drop 2 pounds per week while exercising. Anything over that for long term can be detrimental, so how are these guys able to lose that much weight without drawing red flags from the medical and diet community? Better yet, HOW DO THEY LOSE ALL OF THAT WEIGHT?!

First off, these contestants are taken completely out of their environments. They have no jobs, no families, no responsibilities. Their only goal is to lose weight. When their entire environment is optimized for weight loss, these miracle moments happen. From working with a personal trainer to having nutritionists limit everything these guys take in, it's really easy to see why they lose weight. Also, not having anything else to do means that they have more time to dedicate to exercise.

3 hours a day is what the contestants are put through. An hour of strength training on top of two hours of cardio. Not to mention their caloric intake is almost cut in half. When these contestants are used to consuming anywhere from 3,000 to 3,500 calories per day, dropping to 1500 calories a day will really drop those pounds.

So, how come the rules don't apply to them and they do to us as far as safe weight loss is concerned? Simple. The contestants are being monitored by doctors, physicians, personal trainers, and EMTs-- all on site 24/7. They're taken through rigorous body tests to make sure that their vital signs are okay.

I don't know about you, but I don't think I could afford to quit my job and hire a full time doctor!

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