Stop Falling For The Fad Fitness Products

With summer around the corner, all of these fad fitness products are popping up on my TV. I'm sick of seeing this infomercials promising people unrealistic results with a piece of junk endorsed by some celebrity. I'm tired of these commercialized lies being sold to the public. The mis-informed and extremely overweight will buy into this hype.

They're taking advantage of the naive people who aren't very well educated in the fitness area.

A good tip to tell if something is a "fad product"? Here are a few tips..

Before and after photos of a woman having lost 150 pounds and having gone down to a size 2 from a size 18 in just six months. Yeah, let's show pictures of the 99% of other people who bought your product.

Unrealistic claims: i.e. "All you have to do is work out 5 minutes a day twice a week to get a six pack!". Yeah, right. If this was true, everybody and their mom would have a six pack.

These products usually target those who have tried traditional fitness methods and have failed, and are looking for a "quick fix".

There is no quick fix. If you want the body, you have to work for it. Remember, you get out of your body what you put into it!

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