How To Eat Healthy Without Spending More Money

Let's face it, most of us shy away from eating healthy for one reason or another. Usually "I don't have time to" or "Eating healthy is too expensive" tops the list, especially when I'm trying to encourage a client to eat healthier. These excuses I hear every single day. I'm now going to refute these claims and tell you the following..


Also, stop using the excuse "I only have time for fast food". With more and more fast food restaurants offering healthy alternatives, you're just digging for an excuse now. If you pull into McDonald's with an ambition to eat something nutritious and you pull out of the drive-thru with a number 1, large size with a Coke-- you can't blame the restaurant anymore.

Here are some tips to help you start eating healthy on a budget:

Stop buying junk food. It's expensive and is just no good for you. If you take the money you put toward junk toward healthy alternatives, you'll be amazed at what you can afford. When I made the switch, I found out that almost 70% of the groceries I was buying was junk food. Wow!

Go on a diet. If you're over-eating and go on a diet, you'll eat less. Less eating= less money being spent on food. Ya dig?

Pack your lunch to take to work. Don't give me the "I don't have time" excuse. Pack most of your lunch the night before. In the morning, throw together a quick sandwich. Voila. Took 10 seconds out of your morning. Hope that doesn't cause you to be late!

Make a grocery list and stick to it. If you shop with a list, you'll be less likely to make impulse buys.

Generic food is your friend. Okay, so it's not the brand name, but it's not any less of quality. The generic brands have to go through the same FDA standards as the rest of 'em.

Get frozen vegetables. It's cheaper than produce and takes way less time to prepare.

Eat foods that are high in fat. What? Yes, fat doesn't make you fat-- eating more calories than you should eat, that makes you fat. You actually need fat in your daily diet.

Drink tap water. Believe it or not, it goes through more rigorous safety inspections than bottled water does. "But I don't like the taste!", you say? Get used to it. You'll adapt.

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