The Biggest Loser

One of the most popular TV shows on television right now is the Biggest Loser. One of the reasons it's captivated audiences nationwide is because it takes people who have been overweight for all or most of their lives, and put them in a situation to finally lose the weight. With trainers Jillian and Bob practically screaming at them every day to get through their workouts, the contestants eventually see results-- BIG results. By the end of the season, these guys look like totally new people. Skinny, healthy, in shape different people.

One of the main reasons for this drastic change is because these contestants are jerked from their environments and placed into a situation that IS fitness and nutrition 24/7. Your environment and those you surround yourself with are factors in your goals.

These contestants every week are afraid to be sent home. They are afraid that they'll revert back to their old ways if they are put right back into their old environment-- therefor producing old habits. This should be a wake up call to you.

Why is it that these contestants would revert to their old ways? Is it lack of willpower? Lack of supervision?

No, it's the people they surround themselves with. If you're trying to lose weight and someone in your life isn't taking it as serious as you, it's time to remove them from your life. I'm sure you've heard the "Oh come on, just one donut! It won't hurt you!". When someone makes a comment like this, it's obvious they have no respect for your goals and are trying to drag you down to their level of insecurity.

Do NOT let someone project their insecurities onto you. Keep a straight eye and keep your eyes on the prize. Don't give in. These people will hopefully see the willpower in you and wake up! Do not let these people hinder your progress. They don't give a damn about you, your goals, or your aspirations. Eliminate them from your life if you're afraid of reverting back to your "old lifestyle".

Change the path you drive to work, get rid of all the junk food from your house, take your lunch to work. There are MANY things you can do to stay consistent with your weight loss goals. Remember, longevity and consistency are the keys. You won't see results over night and you definitely will NOT make improvements with nay-sayers surrounding you.

You can do it. I'm telling you that you can. Right now. Do it. Starting is the hardest part.

Here's to your fitness success!

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