30 Tips And Tricks To Help You Start Losing Weight Right Now

The key to long term success is moderation and incremental change. I try to stress to my clients who want long-term weight loss that they should make small changes in their daily lives, not switch everything up at once.

Think about it-- every year the most sought after new year's resolution is "I'm going to lose weight this year." How many people actually live up to that promise to themselves? More than 80% drop off the plan within the first two months. Only 3% make life-long changes.

It's a lot easier to make a promise to yourself in the heat of the moment when the ball drops. It's another thing come Monday when you have to start going to the gym on a regular basis. Why the high percentage of failure? These people change everything up at once in their life and just set themselves up for failure before they even start.

Here are several things you can start doing right now that will be EASY to stick to in the long-term, therefor providing long term results when it comes to weight loss. You can start right now!

1. Start right now this very minute. I don't care what time it is or where you're at. You can almost certainly find one of these tips useful immediately.

2. Create obtainable goals. Being realistic gives you a better view on the big picture.

3. Realize that it took a long time to put on the weight-- so it won't come off as soon as you'd like.

4. Pick one day a week to cheat on your diet.

5. Optimize the food pyramid to your lifestyle.

6. Don't eat as much junk food.

7. Variety in your diet is key.

8. Cook more at home and try new recipes.

9. Drink less soda.

10. Better yet, drink diet soda.

11. Even better, drink less diet soda!

12. Fruits are great for snacking on and are very tasty.

13. Avoid starving yourself or skipping meals.

14. Figure out how many calories you're supposed to be consuming for your body type and stick to it.

15. Lift more weights-- it increases your metabolism even when you're not working out.

16. Get more active, but do things you've always wanted to try. Volleyball? Tennis? Be creative.

17. When you're done shopping, keep walking.

18. Go a few extra laps around the mall.

19. Jump rope is one of the most extreme cardio activities you can do for your body.

20. Join a bowling or softball league.

21. Get a friend to go on your weight loss quest.

22. Dance until you drop. Home alone? Crank up the radio and let loose.

23. Eat a quick lunch then use the rest of your lunch break to do cardio activity.

24. Bring lunch to work instead of eating out. You might be amazed at how many calories are in fast foods.

25. Try to limit the calories you drink. Water is calorie free, which means guilt free.

26. Get started early in the morning before your day even begins. You'll be less likely to have the day's events get in the way and cause you to push your exercise to the side.

27. Invest in a pedometer and set a goal of how many steps you should take during a day.

28. Realize that it takes time. If getting healthy was that easy, everyone would be walking around with a six pack.

29. When it comes to exercise: If it's easy to do, it's probably not doing you any good. Challenge yourself and increase the intensity.

30. Keep healthy magazines around the house, in your car, and at work so you're constantly reminded of your goal.

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