3 Things To Avoid While Trying To Lose Weight

What types of foods should you absolutely stay away from while trying to maintain or cut down on your waistline? Here are three contributors to weight gain and why you should start cutting back, if not avoiding altogether:

1. Trans fats. Trans fat is another term for unsaturated fat, which contains high levels of fatty acids. These types of fats are so "bad" that the USDA doesn't even have a recommended limit for intake. Bottom line? Avoid them or eat as little as possible of them. Besides links to heart disease, high blood pressure, and "bad" cholesterol levels, these types of fats can really hold you back if your goal is to lose weight.

2. Sodium. Your body naturally retains certain levels of water. What sodium does is cause the body's need for water retention much more abundant. This stored water can even displace itself right on top of your muscles, causing the look of less definition. It also adds un-needed weight. Cutting sodium would obviously help these retention problems.

3. Sugar. Sugar has actually gotten a bit of a bad rap over the years because it's naturally found in food already high in fat. Sugar isn't necessarily the main contributor, but you need to keep your intake down since it's filled with "empty calories", or calories with no nutrient content. Not to mention sugar cravings can lead to even more sweets, which couldn't be a good thing. I'm not a dentist, but it's also bad for your teeth.

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