How Much Exercise Do You Need A Week?

By: Justin Bowers

How much exercise do you think you need a week? Another question I want to propose to you is, do you take fitness information from magazines?

If you do, then you need to read this.

Any time I'm in a store waiting in line and I see a fitness topic on a magazine, I pick it up and scan over what it has to say. Sometimes, the tips are good. Other times, they're not.

Magazines can be misleading when it comes to fitness advice. When it comes to information on fitness, health, and nutrition, do not get your information from a magazine or article that usually caters to fashion or celebrity gossip.

Get your information from viable sources. Fitness magazines, accredited health websites, or maybe your local certified personal trainer (hint hint!).

The reason I say this is because of this article:

At first glance, it says "The amount of exercise you need to stay healthy is just 7 minutes a day."

HA! If it was that easy, I wouldn't be in business. If it was that easy, most Americans would be walking around with washboard abs and lean physiques.

But they're not.

Because this article is a classic example of "snatch and bait". The title and even the first few paragraphs lead you to believe that 7 minutes of exercise is enough to "stay healthy".

Of course, their definition of healthy is "maintaining stable diabetes control". They make no mention of losing weight, gaining muscle, etc.

Because, simply put, 7 minutes isn't enough. 30 minutes three times a week is the minimum amount of working out you should be doing to see adequate results. Even so, you MUST curb eating habits to see improvement.

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