Want To Lose Your Stomach? Then Stop Doing Crunches!

The Real Way To Lose Your Gut
By: Justin Bowers

When it comes to losing weight, most people are mis-informed. I cannot begin to tell you how many clients have asked me how many crunches they have to do to lose their gut. When I tell them the truth about losing their midsection, they look at me with the most puzzling looks.


Because, like I said, most people are mis-informed when it comes to the truth about losing your gut. It's not their fault though. TV and internet ads alike have drilled it into us that we had to do abdominal crunches in various different positions with various different products in order to lose weight. From the Ab Blaster to the Ab Doer, millions of different fad ab workout products have been sold. These companies are misleading and very mis-informative. Why don't they tell you the truth when it comes to the real way to lose the gut?

Because they would be out of business, that's why.

Let me clarify something before I go into detail: Ab crunches are great for your body. They tighten up your core and give you a strong support beam for the rest of your body. When combined with other exercises, core exercises are great and provide awesome results. The only problem is that most people forsake the other exercises and only do core workouts day-in, day-out. Then they wonder why they aren't seeing results.

Ab crunches, situps, etc. work the muscle of your abdominals. They tone, they sculpt, and the mold. But when it comes to losing the fat (which is on top of the muscle), you MUST burn calories. Muscle tissue and adipose tissue (body fat) are two completely different things and have to be targeted as such. If you spend your entire workout session targeting the muscle underneath the fat with crunches and don't bother to attack the fat, then your results are going to be small, at best.

Adipose tissue is a separate entity from muscle tissue, which means that there are different ways to go about getting rid of it. To lose fat, you MUST sweat. To sweat, you must push your body to burn calories. Are you with me yet? That's right-- I'm talking cardio. Whether you jump on the bike, walk, run, or do jumping jacks, these exercises increase your heart rate, which in turn feeds off of your body's fat deposits.

Although you can never spot treat weight loss, you will see results if you just stick to it. Just because you want the fat from your stomach to disappear first doesn't mean that it will. Just keep up the hard work and you eventually reap the benefits.

Remember, you get out of your body what you put into it.

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  1. This is so true, the only time I can tell I am losing belly fat and toning is when I sweat! Thanks for the continued inspiration Justin. Weight loss and physical health is a mind set! :-)